Ramón D Díaz
Electronics Engineer / Customer Service / Trainer
Senior TAC Support / Trainer / Professional Services
   Visual Network Systems - 2010 / Present
Senior Network Field Engineer
   Helix Health Ltd. - 2009 / 2010
Pharma I.T. Division Manager
   PharmaIT (a UniPhar Division) - 2006 / 2009


This page has been created to present myself, my experience and my education to prospective employers.


I started to work when I was 19 years old, since then until today I have always held a job. Each job I did taught me something new that I haven't forgotten and that made a better employee for the next job.

Management Experience

Project Management

UniPOS Software
  • Responsible for development, installation and training
  • Selected the pharmacist to ask about functionality and GUI needs
  • Closely worked with the developers to built a system close to the specs given by the pharmacists
  • Set deadlines for different periods of built and kept costs close to budget
  • Created the training material for the software
  • Hired the trainers and technical team members
  • Worked with vendors to find the best suitable hardware at the lowest cost to the shop
  • Implemented the network policies and firewall rule's for the shop's LAN

Manager / Team Leader

  • Managed a team of 20 technicians
  • Prepared reports and maintained records of work accomplishments
  • Helped team members with Personal Development Plans
  • Mediated with the supervisor on behalf of the team members
  • Assisted the supervisor with assignments, reassignments and peer reviews
  • Presented weekly reports on regards or units moved, defects corrected and other statistics

Technical Experience

System Administrator

  • Worked with Windows Active Directory on Windows 2000, 2003(R2) and 2007
  • Develop BackUp procedures using Varitas BackUp Exec
  • Worked for O2 for over 1 year doing BlackBerry Server installations on-site
  • Worked with Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 and 2007
  • Completed a consolidation of domains and a migration from windows 2000 and Windows 2003 to Windows 2007
  • Responsible for implementation and monitoring of over 100 VPNs between the main servers and the different customer locations
  • Familiar with both Juniper (formally Netscreen) and SonicWALL
  • Configured and installed appliance spam solutions like Spam Titan (formerly Copperfasten) and software solutions like Symantec
  • Configure and deployed centralised anti-virus solutions from Sophos,McAfee and AVG
  • Installed and configured LAMP servers to host different applications
  • Installed and configured DNS servers using Debian

Software Experience

  • Proficient on XHTML, PHP, XML and Javascripts
  • Familiar with Object Oriented Languages such as C++ and Java
  • Familiar with Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Learned BASIC at age 10 and created small programs
  • Learned VAX/VMS and created a program to send alphanumeric messages to pagers


  • Designed and implemented Windows Domains in surgeries as Senior Field Engineer with Helix Health
  • Installed and configured ePOS systems in pharmacies while working for Pharma IT
  • Troubleshooted and upgraded in-house PCs and mid-range servers while working for Toyota Ireland
  • Hardware and Software maintenance on a 24/7 monitoring centre at Omada Fire and Security
  • Worked as High-End Server Technician for IBM Ireland
  • Worked as Server Technician for Hewlett-Packard in Spain.
  • Built my own PCs since the first 286 came on the market

Trainer Experience

  • Created technical training documents for technicians while working at Helix Health
  • Worked with the trainers to develop the training materials for UniPOS while working for Pharma IT
  • Trained new employees on a 1:1 basis on the testing of High-End servers while at IBM Manufacturing
  • Responsible for the introduction of a Training Plan while working at IBM Support Centre
  • Reviewed and corrected the customer service training for the XBOX training.
  • Developed the EMEA network training documentation for the XBOX Live roll out in Europe
  • Software application trainer for Engineers while at Intel
  • Experienced on 1:1 training for new employees while at Intel
  • Certified as trainer by Intel
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